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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning dining on campus. If you don't find the answer to your question, please send us an email to dorris-vicki@aramark.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Meal Plans

How does a Meal Plan work?

Meal plans are geared specifically to give you better dining value for your dollars when you use a meal card instead of paying cash to eat. Your meal plan is accessed through your Student I.D.. A magnetic strip is placed on the back of your card and works with our computer system to identify you as a meal plan member. Meal plans come with a set number of meals per week and a set amount of Flex Dollars and go 'live' on the first day of classes each semester.

Who should purchase a meal plan?

We have meal plans designed specifically for you. Whether you are a resident on campus, or a commuter, you will save money and will benefit from purchasing a meal plan.

Who is required to purchase a meal plan?

All residential freshmen are required to purchase either the 19 or 14 meal plan. Other residents are required to purchase either the 19, 14, or 10 meal plan.

Why should I sign up for a meal plan?

There are a lot of advantages to signing up for a meal plan. First and foremost, you have the security of guaranteed all-you-care-to-eat meals at Seiler Commons or the flexibility of a la carte purchasing at The Interlude.

What are Flex Dollars and how can they be used?

Meal plan Flex Dollars allow you to supplement your meal plan by providing you discretionary spending money for use at The Interlude. Flex Dollars are for use at Thomas More Dining locations. If you run low on Flex Dollars during the semester we encourage you to visit the Bursar's office and add more, then to the dining office to activate.

Who can use my card?

For your protection, the only person authorized to use your card is you.

What do I do if my Flex Dollars run low and how do I add more?

Each time you purchase a snack or a full meal, you may ask the cashier to tell you how many meals and/or Flex Dollars you have remaining. If your dollars run low, you may add more dollars to your account by simply going to the Bursar's Office in the Administration Building and then to the dining office to activate.

What happens to my unused meals and Flex Dollars at the end of the semester?

Unused Flex Dollars roll from the Fall semester into the Spring semester (only if you also purchase a spring meal plan) and expire at the close of the Spring semester.

I have special dietary needs. What do I do?

If you need assistance, please contact the Food Service Director to schedule an appointment.

Who do I contact to check on the status of my order?

Login, and go to "My account" Order History. On the 'Order History' screen you can view any of your previous orders by clicking on the order number. If the information there does not answer your question, please contact the Dining Office at  859-344-3317 or by email to dorris-vicki@aramark.com.

Is this site secure? How do I know my personal information will be safe?

This site is secure; all your personal information is transferred over the internet using 128-bit encryption.

Three things to look for while you are shopping online:

  1. "Locks" If you are using the Internet Explorer or FireFox web browser there should be a golden lock in the bottom left of your browser window. If you double-click on the lock it shows you our security certificate information; www.campusdish.com, ARAMARK Corporation, verified by VeriSign, Inc. VeriSign is a well known security validation certificate company. You can visit their website here: http://www.verisign.com/. Always make sure the certificate is not expired! The web page address, also known as URL or LINK, should include HTTP instead of the normal HTTP beginning of the web address.


Where can I find more info on nutrition?

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.

Why do I have to create an account?

For you, and us, to be able to best track orders, and to be able to contact you in case of a question regarding your order we ask that you create a CampusDish account.

How do I create an account?

Click the "Login" button, and then on the login page click the "create a new account" link.

I forgot my password, what do I do now?

Click the "Login" button, and then on the login page click the "Forgot password" link. On the following page enter your email address to have a new password emailed to you. Please check you spam or junk mail folders if you have not received your new password in 15 minutes.

My account is locked, how do I unlock it?

Click the "Login" button, and then on the login page click the "Forgot password" link. On the following page enter your email address to have a new password emailed to you. This will also unlock your account. Please check you spam or junk mail folders if you have not received your new password in 15 minutes.

My connection timed out, or I saw an error when I was finishing checkout (on the payment page). How do I know if I placed the order successfully?

Login with the same account you were using the originally place the order.

View your shopping cart. If the product is no longer in your cart you could have completed the order successfully. Check the "My Account-->Order History" area. This area stores a copy of all the orders you have placed (and their order status).

You may also check your email, we email a confirmation of each order placed to the email address that is your username. (Please make sure to check your Junk or Spam boxes as the emails may be held in there).

If you really want to be sure you can check with your bank or credit card provider. We charge your credit card at the time the order is placed, so your bank or credit card provider should have held, or 'pended the sale', based on our request, from your total available balance. Although we request the money from your bank or credit card provider as soon as you place the order, the bank or credit card processor may take a few days to clear it and post it to your account.

My pre-paid credit card does not have a billing address. Can I use it on this site?

You must first call, or visit the website, of the pre-paid credit card company to register a billing address for the credit card so that you can use it for online shopping sites that validate a billing address. Our site always validates a billing address.

What if my Student ID Card is lost or stolen?

Lost cards must be reported immediately to the Dining Services Office by calling 859-344-3317 or by email to bedwelr@thomasmore.edu.

Why am I getting an error on the payment page?

  • Is the credit card number you entered correct?
  • Is the expiration date correct, and not in the past?
  • Is the CVV code from the back of your card correct?
  • Is the address you selected as the billing address the same as the credit card’s billing address?
Do you have enough available balance on your card?

Why can't I create an account?

Error: Email addresses must be in the proper format: user@domain.com
The email was not entered properly, please re-enter the email.

Error: passwords must contain at least 7 characters.
The password is not long enough.

Error: passwords should contain at least one character from the following sets: [a-Z,a-z] , [0-9].
The password needs to contain at least one letter (capital or lowercase) and one number so that the password is secure.

Error: password verification does not match your initial password.
The password entered in the "verify password" field does not match the password you entered in the "password" field. The two field must contain the same password, which will then be used as the password for future access to the account.

Error: passwords must not contain a substring of the email address.
The password can not use any part of the email address so that the password is secure.

Error: The following fields are either invalid or they are not complete: [First Name,Last Name]. please provide valid input.
Required fields (listed in the brackets) were left blank.

Error: The username and/or password supplied already exists.
That email (username) is already an account on the system. please use forgot password to reset your password (it will be emailed to you).

Why do I not have a "Continue to Checkout" button?

If you have not already entered a credit card billing address into "Manage addresses" you must first enter a new address (your credit card billing address) and save it. After adding the address you may then return to the shopping cart to complete your order.


Select your Fulfillment Method

Please review your order method and the location you would like the product shipped to. 

How do I get a Promotional Code?

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering Promotional Codes. We may offer Promotional Codes in the future, so please check back periodically.

Where can I find more info on nutrition?

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.

How do I use the Menu?

We have utilities designed to help your health. Use the Meal Calculator Box to quickly relate the nutritional information of two or more items. The Meal Calculator can populate the nutritional value of your meal. Use our quick nutritional icons to identify food with special preparation or contents at a glance.

What are AFO/FPO/DPO addresses?

APO and FPO addresses allow the postal service to efficiently deliver mail to active duty military members serving overseas. When the mail arrives at the APO or FPO, the staff will send the mail onto the proper division of the military to which the addressee belongs. The division then delivers the mail to the individual. 

How do I increase password security?

Your password should be at least 8 characters that include upper and lower case characters, numbers, and symbols. You should always use a unique password for each website you use; that way, if one account gets compromised, the rest are safe. Other ways to ensure the security of your password include:

    • If passwords must be written down on a piece of paper, store the paper in  a secure place and destroy it when it is no longer needed.

    • Never share passwords with anyone.

    • Change passwords immediately if they may have been compromised.

    • Be careful about where passwords are saved on computers. Some dialog boxes present an option to save or remember a password. Selecting this option poses a potential security threat.

Why should I select favorite locations?

Selecting a location will help us customize your experience on the CampusDish site.

Why am I required to select a role when creating my account?

A role will help us customize your experience on the CampusDish site.

Why are my products split into separate orders and why does this happen?

Two or more of the items in your cart are restricted by product type or payment method. In order to process the transaction, the items in your cart must be processed separately.